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To Google Docs I Go

Been a long time coming but I finally decided to migrate all my documents over to Google Docs.  I’ve been using Google Docs for years just never switched everything over.  The only negative thing I’ve noticed is there seems to be a bug or something funky with the way documents are presented when marked ‘Hidden’.  Still playing with it…

Android and the Missing GEN Folder

I’ve been playing around with Android now and so far it’s been a good experience save one really annoying thing.

Project ‘Project Name’ is missing required source folder: ‘gen’

Seriously?!  I mean come on, the folder is in the project for crying out loud!  Sadly I’m not the only one who has been plagued by this error.  Many Google searches later and still no hard-fast answer that.  I have found one thing that seems to help although it’s a pain to keep doing it over and over again….

  1. Delete the R.java file under the gen folder
  2. Refresh the project
  3. Build Project, not Clean

This, so far, seems to be the only way to consistently get rid of the missing gen folder message….


It seems I’m getting more and more traffic to this post.  Christian provided the correct fix below on how to resolve the missing GEN folder in the comments below.  Set the Java version of the project to 1.6 and you’ll be troubled no more.  Thanks Christian.

Chrome, Google Chrome

OK, I’m really kicking myself now.  Why the hell haven’t it before?   I mean I’ve read up on Chrome and all but I’ve just never gotten around to using it.  Don’t know if I’ll make it my default browser or not but it’s pretty nice so far. We’ll see if Chrome suffers from the same memory issues are FF….

Google Chrome

Google Spreadsheets

Google has announced Google Spreadsheets.  Like most of their online programs it starts out as beta and you must apply (enter an email) to get in.  I just got my confirmation email, loaded it up and OMG!!!  This thing if freaking awesome!  It does everything that the average Excel user needs.  Sorting, suming, counting, word wrap, highlighting, etc.  I don’t’ see any ways to produce graphs (Web based people…) but this thing rocks.  I’ve uploaded a simple spreadsheet, played around with it, and downloaded it back to the computer.  No problems so far.  Now all we need is Google Writer (Word) and Google Presenter (Power Point) and we’re set.