Hiking up the Rockies

This last January Stephanie and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We knew we wanted to do something other than just a cruise or going to some tropical island.  After some discussion we landed on going to Colorado with no plans other than general ideas of what we wanted to do.  This served us pretty well when we vacationed in San Francisco a few years prior.  I must say that Colorado in the early summer is absolutely gorgeous.  We were there for a full week and if not for us missing our kids we would have stayed longer!

Day 1

Pretty much a travel day.  We rented a car from Avis which turned out to be a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Overall it’s a nice SUV, however I like our Honda Pilot much better.  We drove strait into Estes Park from Denver which was a very beautiful drive.  Texas has beautiful scenic drives too but never have I seen snow-capped mountains in June :).  Once we got into Estes Park we did a few touristy things including taking the “Tram” to the top of one of the mountains.

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California vs Texas

I get a lot of emails from recruiters wanting me to fill some position for X months at some company I’ve never heard of.  My general MO is to not respond unless I’m looking, which I’m not at the moment, but occasionally I get something from a more prominent company that you don’t just ignore.  After emailing back and forth we finally hit the tipping point


I checked out the video, looks like a combination of what I used to do back in the operations team I worked on as well as my current role as a site commander on call.  Is it safe to assume that the SRE and Sr SRE positions are only in the locations you mentioned below?  Doing a little research on how much these compensation of these positions it’s comparable to my own at USAA.  Having said that, he cost of living differences between those locations and San Antonio is night and day, especially California…

To be fair the recruiter listed a few other locations outside of California but they were all big cities in the East/West coast.  Advantage, Texas!


A New Adventure

It’s official, we’re moving!  After eight and a half years in our house on the NE side of San Antonio we’ve sold it and moving into a new one.   Our new house is more central to town and inside loop 1604 which is a Godsend in of itself.

Here are a few pictures of the new house, I’ll post some more once we get moved in

Blogging in the Twitter-sphere

Times, they have changed.

Not that it comes as a shocker to anyone but I find myself hardly ever updating the site. On a similar note I find myself checking other people’s Twitter status instead if their blog for the very same reason. Say goodbye to blogging and hello to micro-blogging (ironic since I’m writing this in my blog)! As social media becomes more and more prominent I have to wonder what will become of personal blogs. WordPress seems to be shifting to an all inclusive content management system but will it last?

Bad Luck

They say that “trouble comes in threes”, I hope for our sake “they” are wrong. About a month and a half ago our 50″ DLP started getting dead pixels/mirrors. What started out as one or two quickly became 150 and growing! This picture doesn’t do it’s justice

Thankfully our TV was under warranty and surprisingly Best Buy followed through. Our DLP was replaced with a brand new 46″ LED with 120Hz and a 4million:1 contrast ratio! It was grand, it was glorious, it’s already dead within 1week of bringing it home!!!  On the positive side, I now know what it would be like to watch TV on a 46″ screen using 256 colors, who needs 4 million when you can go retro mode…..

To JavaOne I Go

Looks like I’ll be going to JavaOne this year in San Francisco!  I’m pretty excited about going to this conference for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I’ve never been to California.  Secondly I’ve never been to a development based conference either.  I’ve had my share of conferences during my stent at Final Support but none that I was “excited” to attend.  See you in Cisco!